I would recommend Descanso because it’s tranquil,
it’s well maintained, it’s well guarded,
the houses in Rosarito are lovely!”

Testimonial Frank – houses in Baja California

Testimonial de Frank - Casas en Baja California



Safety for your family

Private community with perimeter fence,
electric gates, guard house and 24/7 surveillance


Tranquility and green open spaces

Ocean view rooftop terraces only minutes away from the beach, wide avenues and green areas


Prime location

Only 30 minutes away from the border
30 minutes away from Tijuana
Less than 1 hour away from Ensenada

Why you should invest
in Rosarito’s Real State?



More affordable than in the United States
Seaside location increases value
Rent out your home whilst you’re not using it

Discover all that
Descanso has to offer

Our houses in Rosarito are ideally located
at the heart of Baja California

Descanso is the gateway to an incredible cultural, gastronomic and natural wealth


Rosarito has the good fortune of a great medical infrastructure, as well as the benefit of being close to Tijuana and San Diego, in case more advanced medical treatment should be necessary.

Given Rosarito´s large American population and proximity to the US, a special hospital system was created with personalized service and bilingual staff.

Sanoviv Medical Institute

This is one of the most advanced medical facilities in North America, specializing in alternative treatments that are not readily available anywhere else.

It combines cutting-edge diagnostics, nutrition, detoxification and medical treatments in a luxurious setting. Here, world-class medical technology is complemented by heart-felt personal care and attention.




Whale watching

During winter and spring, Rosarito and Ensenada become two of the prime spots to enjoy the sightings of the majestic gray whales.

On occasion, the whales swim up close and you will experience a unique moment of contact with nature.

La Bufadora

Minutes away from Ensenada lies one of the region’s most impressive natural attractions: La Bufadora, one of the largest marine geysers in the world.

This geyser is caused by the breaking of waves against a cave that is at the bottom of the cliff, reaching a height of up to 65 feet.


Bike ride over the sand dunes “Los Arenales”

Enjoy a family day out riding four wheelers, dune buggies, jeeps or pick-ups on the sand dunes “Los Arenales” overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The sand dunes are only minutes away from Descanso and are worth the visit. Coming here, you will be enchanted by the contrasting scenes, with the desert sand and the ocean only a few feet away.

Discover all that Descanso has to offer


The traditional lobster “Puerto Nuevo Style”

10 minutes away from Descanso is Puerto Nuevo, renowned worldwide for its lobster, a tradition since the 1950s.

Here you will find the “best lobster in the world” served with rice, refried beans, butter, `salsa roja´ and delicious hand-made flour tortillas.


The Wine Valley and Grape Harvest Celebrations

Descanso is the gateway to the famous Guadalupe Valley where 80% of the country’s wine is produced.

The month of August is when the Grape Harvest Celebrations take place. They are an excellent opportunity to get to know the traditions and culture of wine.

The Gastronomy of Ensenada

Ensenada is one of the most innovative gastronomic destinations in the country as a result of its Baja Med concept, a fusion between Mexican, Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine, which is driven by local chefs who are recognized all over the world.

The most traditional and representative dishes of Ensenada are: fish and seafood tacos, fish ceviche and abalone tiradito, a delight!


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